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I’ve been a bit unplugged. Most days I am hunched over my laptop. Night comes and I wonder if I should squeeze in a little retail therapy and do some online shopping or sign the kids up for camps. After all, multitasking is considered so admirable in our society. >she acknowledges with a hint of sarcasm< Better yet, I could blog and spark up my creative juices. But then there are those times that I think in addition to healthy eating I should embrace the next sequence of my healthfulness with a digital detox.

Even if you don’t get twitchy when your gadgets start running out of juice, and aren’t troubled by headaches, eyestrain, or neck problems, it still might be time for a digital diet. By periodically unplugging, you can start reclaiming those coveted real life experiences that all those gadgets steal from us daily, albeit with our full permission.

I am the first to admit that cutting digital consumption may sting a bit at first, but reconnecting with the people and things in life that really matter is priceless. If I am not cooking up a storm, I like to head out and take a hike. The possibilities are limitless.

Not sure how to take this bold step? Here are a few ideas on help you find your unplugged groove (of course all with the selfish intention of getting you to try this healthy raw fudge recipe that I am ga-ga about!)

Become Less Social: If you want to regain more control over your digital life, slash your social media time. While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other forms of social media may keep us all connected and make us feel a part of the larger community, they are also major time and attention sucks. Check-in in the morning and again at night, and call it a day. Go out and have some fun!

Talk it Out: Put the brakes on your email. Put on the out-of-office notification for a few hours a day, instructing colleagues to call you directly if it’s urgent; turn off incoming email audio pings and alerts; set email preferences to receive emails hourly instead of as they happen or set a timer to remind you to check email once or twice an hour.

Embrace Your Inner Bookworm: If you’re going to read in bed at night, read an old-fashioned book on paper or a magazine.

Hide the Phone: Since many of us no longer have a home phone, keep the phone close enough so you can hear it ring in case of an emergency, but turn it face down or covered so the screen doesn’t wake you up when someone emails you in the middle of the night.

Use the ‘Dumb Watch’: not only does the battery last longer than the one on your device it will be one less reason for you to check your phone. Plus it is very retro-stylish.

All this diet talk made me want to get healthfully sweet. I’ve stepped down from my digital soap box so that I could share this recipe – it is just too good to keep all to myself. And it is practically guilt free- and it is certainly gluten and dairy free.

Go on your digital diet and start your fudge!

Raw Nut Fudge


2 cups walnuts

1/2 cup almonds, rough chopped

1 cup cocoa

dash of salt

1/2 cup almond butter

2 1/2 cups dates, pitted

1 tsp ground chipotle powder (optional)

1 tsp ground cinnamon (optional)


Add nuts to the food processor and blend into finely ground. Add cocoa and salt (and other optional items if using) and pulse 2-3 times. Add in the almond butter and dates and combine until dough sticks together. If the mixture is not sticky add in an additional 2-3 dates. Press the mixture into a 8×8 pan lined with wax paper. Place in freezer for 20-30 minutes or in refrigerator for 3 hours. Slice and serve. If not using immediately, store in freezer.

almonds and walnuts

walnut almond puree

walnuts almonds cocoa


walnuts almonds cococa dates and butter

no cook nut fudge

nut fudge in container pressed

sliced nut fudge