Where would I be without my family? I come from a family of great Italian cooks whose talents continually humble me. While this is not a documentation of my treasured recipes from my Italian heritage it is a collection of good food inspired by those I love most.

This book is a collection of recent family and urban recipes with subtle tweaks and twists. May it be a guide to inspire your inner cook and bring fun to meals with your family and friends. Many recipes can be made in advance which will allow the flavors to become enhanced so that when it comes time to visit with your guests, you can move the focus from your kitchen to your dining room.

— Gina von Esmarch

For a quick glance at my top 10 most popular post:

* Ice Box Dreams
* Fondue Pasta (AKA Killer Mac & Cheese)
* Sweet Hot Norwegian Buns
* Pasta Fazool
* Red Velvet Cup Cakes
* Cremas A Hatian Indulgence
* Lebanese Stuffed Artichokes

* BlogHer Food/Celbs
* The Door Knob Moment
* Spitting the Dummy

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