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There is something about Shasta that just clicks with me. I struggle to put my finger on the exact feeling, but as my father says, “It’s in me.” My history with Shasta pre-dates me – my grandfather and my great-uncle started coming here with my father back in 1953. Their quest was mostly to fish and to drink the sulfur water. Castella was the place they would typically fish in the river near a shack adjacent to the railroad tracks.

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At the drop of a hat my father exudes countless childhood memories here as he would ‘rough it’ with his cousins for a week under the bohemian tutelage of my Grandfather Elios, his brother, Pence, his brother-in-law, Victor and his cousin Vincenzo. The reminiscent stories of this motley crew of scruffy cousins led by the whimsy of three men out to find a bit of nature are now lore. What remains of these escapades are the twinkle in his my father’s eye when he tells his stories, a 8-foot tall locally crafted trout by Finley Fryer, and a stone that is inscribed in his front yard that pays homage to their memory.

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As a child I recall being here once on a camping trip with my father and step-mother, which ended up with me having an asthma attack and not returning until they purchased a house here in 2003. That’s when the fun begins as we began making regular visits up here in the summer and in the winter with them to enjoy new adventures with my husband and our children.

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While I have grown increasingly more spiritual over the years, I am rather quiet about how I honor my feelings. What resonates with me beyond the space I can find in this corner of the world is the ‘good ‘ole fashioned’ way of life in Siskiyou County. I cherish the opportunity to be outdoors exploring the flora and fauna around us at Castle Lake, Lake Siskiyou, McCloud Falls, Heart Lake, Bunny Flats and so many other beautiful places. This is a place rich in beauty, complete with opportunities to connect with locals and always learn something new.


For me it is the people that have a lot to offer; from craftsmen, to shop owners, to experiences such as community yoga with Jade, Bowen therapy with Carole, St. Anthony’s for mass, a trip to Berryvale for lunch, or the Yak for a white coconut cream hemp milk Bowl of Soul, heading out to the range for a lesson in gun safety with Wayne and Brad or drinking local ale in Weed. I could go on and on and on. But the point is, there is something truly special here that makes it difficult to leave. The treasure trove of memories created will always be cherished and there is a constant feeling of excitement as we unveil new opportunities each time we visit.


When I am inspired I create, and this recipe is built on the premise of hearty food, for the bohemian soul.

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Overnight Fruity Oatmeal Parfait


1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats

2 TBS uncooked white quinoa

1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt

2/3 cup skim or almond milk

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla

2-3 tsps jam or maple syrup (I love using plum jam)

1/4 cup of fresh fruit (I use blueberries and skinned and finely diced apples)

2 (8oz.) containers with lids to keep parfait

Optional Toppings

chopped nuts

dried fruits

chocolate sauce



In a small bowl combine all ingredients except fruit and stir until combined. Add fruit last and gently stir. Place mixture in containers and store in refrigerator overnight. Parfait can be kept up to 3 days. If desired, when eating, top with nuts, dried fruits or a dab of chocolate sauce.

overnight fruit oatmeal parfait.JPG