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matcha ricotta happiess bowl

There are times in life when your go to move is the ‘no recipe move’. Some cooks, like my Guy, can simply open up the refrigerator and create amazing concoctions based upon inspiration from the available ingredients. I typically am not in this category. I love to follow a good recipe concept, and often times will read 10-12 recipes that I find interesting before assembling my grocery list to prepare one meal.

That said, I also hate to waste anything so I am an avid practitioner of a weekly ‘leftover night’. Some might argue that this is the worst night of the week to drop by my place, but I can assure you this is a week night favorite. With so many food preferences in our home it’s virtually impossible to have one night that everyone gets to eat exactly what their heart desires so we rotate the wish list and on leftover night – it’s like hitting bingo- and everyone can have the dish they liked best during the week. That’s not to imply that leftovers are not re-imagined. Veggies sides can magically become veggie tacos or stir fry – the options are practically limitless. As long as food is not wasted, I am happy for the creative juices to fly. Yes, this can lead to some odd concoctions; especially by my 12 year old son. Last week, his idea of a tuna sandwich was to take the tuna, add salami and then cheese on top and melt it in the toaster oven. Oddly enough, it was tasty. The salt from the salami carried it through. I may not rush out to eat an entire tuna salami sandwich anytime soon, but I am glad I tried it.

So how does a tuna and salami Franken-sandwich tie into this breakfast post? I haven’t a clue!;) Okay, I do have a clue. I am encouraging you to leave the recipes behind on occasion and just create. That’s exactly what I did when I came up with this simple breakfast recipe. I looked in the fridge and I listened to my cravings and voilĂ - this recipe was created. I can attest that it is repeatably delicious. Like all recipes, the better quality ingredients you use the better your recipe will turn out. I recommend selecting a nice quality ricotta or for a splurge- make it!

The mild flavor of the ricotta comes alive when adding the tart raspberries, salted marcona almonds, crunchy pumpkin seeds, flaky unsweetened coconut and the slightly bitter matcha powder. A drizzle of maple syrup sweetens the bowl without overpowering it.

matcha ricotta happiness bowl c-up

Matcha Ricotta Happiness Bowl


1 cup ricotta

1/2- 1 tsp matcha powder

fresh raspberries, generous handful

1/8 cup salted marcona almonds

pumpkin seeds, sprinkle

maple syrup, generous drizzle

1-2 tsps coconut flakes


Place ricotta in a bowl and add remaining ingredients. Enjoy!

matcha ricotta bowl2