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There is no time like now to get your A-game on for the big shenanigans as April Fools draws near. Every year I do my best to make sure it is somehow memorable. I know my family is probably lurking about, trying to determine what I might be up to this year. Well, no dice. I am blogging my success from last year.


Dehydrated Green Bean Chips (store bought)

Dessert Sushi (with store bought decoys)

Eyeball Surprise (AKA Stuffed Lychee Nuts alla Vano)

Dessert Sushi

Dessert Sushi Ingredients

1 package Soy Wraps

1 cup sushi rice, prepared according to package directions

6-8 pieces of your favorite sushi (to use as decoys)

chocolate sauce (optional)

Fillings (use what you like, these were my favorite combinations)

– pear and feta with honey

– jack fruit (found in Asian Market, canned), strawberries and banana

– kiwi, strawberries and Nutella

Dessert Sushi Directions/Tutorial

To get started on the sushi, it will be easiest if you have a sushi rolling mat. Cover the mat with a square sheet of plastic wrap. Place a soy sheet sheet on the rolling mat, which is now covered with plastic wrap, with the grooves in the soy wrap parallel to the direction you’re facing.

Spread rice onto the soy wrap sheet, leaving a gap on the back edge to seal the roll. Spoon a small amount of filling in a row on the edge of the sheet closest to you, perpendicular to the direction you are facing. Roll the sheet around that row of filling. To make a nice firm roll, press tightly backwards (towards yourself), and slightly down onto the roll. Try not to squish the roll while trying to making it tight. Take the rolling mat out a bit so that you don’t roll it into the sushi, and continue rolling tightly until reaching the end of the soy wrap, where the gap was left to seal the roll closed.

Allow the sushi roll sit a few minutes enabling the wrap to soften from the moisture in the rice. Once it’s ready, cut the roll into slices and you now have created the perfect dessert sushi. If using chocolate sauce, drizzle over sushi after plated. Arrange ‘real’ sushi decoy pieces in place strategically.

Eyeball Surprise (AKA Stuffed Lychee Nuts)

Stuffed Lychees Ingredients

1 (20 oz) can whole Lychee nuts in heavy syrup

1 (6 oz) container cream cheese, softened

1 (6 oz) bag whole macadamia nuts

Stuffed Lychees Directions

Drain lychees for 5 minutes. Gently stuff lychees with cream cheese, almost to the top of the opening. Insert macadamia nut into the cream cheese. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Memory lane. If you are looking for more foolishly fun food spoof ideas check out my post from last year.

Dinner conversation: To impress the victims you’ve just punked at dinner, I’ve compiled a quick list of other famous pranks that top the charts.

* 1957: Hoax BBC Panorama reveals spaghetti harvest in Switzerland

* 1976: Patrick Moore tells Radio 2 listeners that at 0947 a planetary event would lessen Earth’s gravity and if people jumped in the air at that moment, they would float

* 1986: Le Parisien newspaper announces that the Eiffel Tower is to be moved to Euro Disney

* 1998: Burger King launches left-handed Whopper