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If the name doesn’t intrigue you then you must not LOVE avocados. While I’ve never really fancied myself an artist, I do have artistic foodie tendencies. And well, artists go through phases. Right now I am in my avocado phase. (There, I said it- that is half the battle – as I torture my family and willing guests into testing my creations). There are a lot of ways that you can customize this hearty and healthy vegetarian dish and I encourage you to have fun with it.

Tuscan Avocado-melee Sandwich


3 small avocados, sliced in half and pits set aside

1 15 oz can canellini beans, drained

1 carrot, chopped

1/2 cup whole pistachios, rough chopped

1/2 cup spinach, sliced

1 TBS sunflower seeds

favorite bread, toasted

Italian flat leaf parsley (optional garnish)


1 TBS balsamic vinegar

2 tsps cayenne

1 TBS garlic salt

4 tsps horseradish

1 tsp white wine vinegar

1 small lemon, juiced

pepper to taste


In a medium size bowl, remove avocados from their skin and mash. In a small bowl mash canellini beans, then add into the bowl with the avocado along with all remaining ingredients. Next add in the seasonings and combine well. If not serving immediately, place the avocado pits back into the bowl with the avocado filling, cover and refrigerate for up to 2 hours. Before serving remove pits and stir mixture. Serve avocado sandwich filling on one slice of toasted bread.

Notes: While it is certainly possible to use a fork and knife on this sandwich I highly recommend consuming it as finger food. If made on smaller toasts Tuscan Avocado-melee can be wonderful appetizer.

This sandwich was served along with my petite lentil salad.





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