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It’s your lucky day. No really, it is. St. Patrick’s Day carries with it the stigma of good luck and good fortune. There is no better way to celebrate than to skip the long story and go straight to the recipe. The clock is ticking and you need to get those celebratory Koloa Coconut Rum and Lime Jell-O shots chilling.

Thank you to those ladies that inspired this post, Carly, the Queen Extrodinare of Jell-O shots and Anne my island angel that keeps me supplied with my FAVORITE rum, Koloa Rum, each time she returns for her island sojourns. Lucky to have you both in my sphere. Éirinn go Brách!

Before tumbling down the rabbit hole of rum-based Jell-O Shots, it’s best to begin with the basic recipe. Flavored Jell-O packets do all the heavy lifting in terms of taste, while rum kicks any fruity flavors into high gear, especially the more tropically ones like coconut. This mini, jiggly version of lime and coconut struts its stuff and adds a layer of edible fun to the drink. I recommend packing these Koloa Rum infused Jell-O shots into a beach cooler and popping them on the sand with reckless abandon. The prep is minimal allowing you plenty of time to relax. Combine your hot liquid, cold liquid, flavor, and coconut rum, and you’ve got yourself a tipsy shot of jiggly joy.

Koloa Coconut Rum & Lime Jell-O Shots


6 oz Lime flavored Jell-O gelatin (I prefer sugar free)

16 oz (2 cups) boiling water

8 oz (1 cup) Koloa Coconut Rum

8 oz (1 cup) cold water

Optional: food coloring


In a small bowl, combine the Koloa Coconut Rum and cold water and place in the refrigerator to bring theses liquids to a consistent temperature. In a separate bowl, add the boiling water and then the Jell-O gelatin. Stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Add the chilled rum and cold water, stir well. Add food coloring if you want to enhance or change the color. Pour the liquid shot into shot glasses and refrigerate until the liquid sets; approximately 2 hours.

To channel that inner care-free tropical party vibe I also like to serve these shots in a heaping pile inside of a carved out pineapple.