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There is a first time for everything and somehow there is a sense of excitement as I divulge this post.

A friend of mine @justinkistner suggested to me, oh-not-so-long-ago, that I try some video blogging of other people’s recipes. I pondered that idea and then took it to the next step- why not video great recipes from other people with them in it. Not that one idea is mutually exclusive from the other but rather as two complimentary parts of a whole concept. The idea had been mulled over before (my friend Rosa wanted me to cook on camera many a time over) but only in the sense of something done along the lines of the food channel – but Justin broke it down and talked me through it. My cooking vlogs didn’t have to be perfect, and they didn’t have to be cut/edited/produced – done in one take segments raw and real. Why not? Why not be real? As the days pass I become more of a dichotomy of someone breaking free of a traditionally cast/scoped profession. Schooled in PR, I should be *different* – coiffed, rehearsed, scripted and yet I move more into the realm of real me than I ever imagined possible. The majority of the people in my life are bemused by my behavior and use words like ‘transparent’ or ‘open’ when referring to my ability to share my thoughts with complete and utter strangers. While it is certainly nice on programs like Facebook to ask you: “Are you my friend” we are hardly friends unless the definition has changed but it does make that ‘open ness’ less daunting and gently pushes us towards the realm of comfort. I’ve jumped over that and I am comfortable with revealing a lot – a lot more than I would have ever imagined possible and while there are others far more extreme than I am in the social media world of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, et al – I do offer a glimpse of real.
Just me,
talking to just you
if you care to read and/or listen.

No promises, no smoke and mirrors, just a bit about what I find interesting. So unlike what you *may* have thought this post was really going to reveal about my ‘first time’ (mind out of gutter please) it is REALLY about becoming myself for the first time…warts and all. So onto my next post with an equally interesting title: Baking Sweet Hot Norwegian Buns. Dare me? Game on! After all this IS A FOOD BLOG (on most days). 😉 Or is it now also a food Vlog? Let’s the Vlogging begin.

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