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While most schools are on the verge of getting out for the summer, I went back to school – high school! It was one of those surreal flashback moments and it was well worth the time spent in class (while I am certain I didn’t feel that way while I was in high school, things change). The class was the equivalent of a home economics class (now known as Independent Living) and it was it packed with shades of coolness, confidence and texting (some FaceBooking but no Tweeting, aside from those Tweets I sent). All honesty aside, this group was impressive in that they all knew how to cook a few dishes and were able to assist in preparing the two items we made during their 90 min class – Chicken Tinga and Needles in the Haystack. A favorite combo of mine – spicy chased by chocolate.

Redwood High School- aside from being known for their local sports prowess and scholastic achievements is also known on a broader spectrum for being the alma mater of a Mr. Robin Williams. Perhaps you know him?

After the class, and my favorite high school lunch back in the day (Diet Coke and a Snickers candy bar), I headed over to visit my closest friend from high school and we took a trip down memory lane. The day was a success in that I was able to give back to the community I grew-up in and share with them my favorite hobby- cooking.

And since it’s said that things, abeit good or bad, come in groupings of threes, I thought I’d share with you a second bit of nice news…while we await a third in this string of threes. Past Jersey Bites contest winner, Patsy Kreitman, who posted a review on her blog- Paper Palate had some very nice feedback. It is always an honor to hear what people like about the book and I love to learn what they were inspired to try first. I’ve captured an excerpt from her review:
If you want a non-nonsense cookbook with gorgeous photos, this one is for you. It is very straight-forward with the recipes taking up residence on one page and the photos on the opposite page. The recipes range from from appetizers to desserts and everything in between. As I mentioned, I decided to use one of her recipes for Teacher Appreciation Week since I volunteered a bit late to bring something. The O’Henry Bars seemed like the perfect treat to bring in, and only required the use of a microwave for cooking. Really can’t beat that.

To read Patsy’s full review, click here.

As for my RD bit of ‘goodness’ well, I am still only at two and savoring the moment. I’ll share it with you when it reveals itself but until then…..keep it real!

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