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Back to School – Bueller?

While most schools are on the verge of getting out for the summer, I went back to school – high school! It was one of those surreal flashback moments and it was well worth the time spent in class (while I am certain I didn’t feel that way while I was in high school, things change). The class was the equivalent of a home economics class (now known as Independent Living) and it was it packed with shades of coolness, confidence and texting (some FaceBooking but no Tweeting, aside from those Tweets I sent). All honesty aside, this group was impressive in that they all knew how to cook a few dishes and were able to assist in preparing the two items we made during their 90 min class – Chicken Tinga and Needles in the Haystack. A favorite combo of mine – spicy chased by chocolate.

Redwood High School- aside from being known for their local sports prowess and scholastic achievements is also known on a broader spectrum for being the alma mater of a Mr. Robin Williams. Perhaps you know him?

After the class, and my favorite high school lunch back in the day (Diet Coke and a Snickers candy bar), I headed over to visit my closest friend from high school and we took a trip down memory lane. The day was a success in that I was able to give back to the community I grew-up in and share with them my favorite hobby- cooking.

And since it’s said that things, abeit good or bad, come in groupings of threes, I thought I’d share with you a second bit of nice news…while we await a third in this string of threes. Past Jersey Bites contest winner, Patsy Kreitman, who posted a review on her blog- Paper Palate had some very nice feedback. It is always an honor to hear what people like about the book and I love to learn what they were inspired to try first. I’ve captured an excerpt from her review:
If you want a non-nonsense cookbook with gorgeous photos, this one is for you. It is very straight-forward with the recipes taking up residence on one page and the photos on the opposite page. The recipes range from from appetizers to desserts and everything in between. As I mentioned, I decided to use one of her recipes for Teacher Appreciation Week since I volunteered a bit late to bring something. The O’Henry Bars seemed like the perfect treat to bring in, and only required the use of a microwave for cooking. Really can’t beat that.

To read Patsy’s full review, click here.

As for my RD bit of ‘goodness’ well, I am still only at two and savoring the moment. I’ll share it with you when it reveals itself but until then…..keep it real!

Being Savvy Washington Gives A Review

At night, while relishing the peace and quiet that comes when her children are asleep, Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama assumes her alter ego while blogging and teaching online classes. A Bay Area local, living in DC, Leticia blogs for Tech Savvy Mama and DC Metro Moms. Despite all that she does, Leticia somehow found the time to cook and review ‘Taste This!’ and here is a bit of what she had to say:

Simple tasty food with fresh ingredients is the mantra in our house so I’m always on the lookout for wonderful new cookbooks that will meet my criteria. One new cookbook I adore is Taste This! Author Gina Von Esmarch’s new book is filled with delicious easy to follow recipes whose everyday ingredients are probably pantry staples.

I love that none of the ingredient lists for Gina’s 65 recipes are long. Being able to assemble my ingredients quickly makes it easy for the kids and me to cook up something delectable and fresh even when we are short on time.

We love popping the Parmesan Crisps in the oven to accompany a pot of soup like the Hearty Black Bean Soup made the day before. We keep frozen raw shrimp on hand so we can put together Gina’s Shrimp Scampi as an emergency dinner. Next on our list to try is the Italian Picnic Chicken which comes highly recommended by Being Savvy Newark City Editor, Vanessa.

To read her full article, go to Definitely Taste This!.

Bonggamom Finds Da BOMB

Bonggamom, Ana Picazo, reviews DaBomb (AKA Peanut Butter Cookie Bombs)

This is the dish – Bonggamom not only reviewed the Peanut Butter Cookie Bombs (on more than one occasion) but now she wants to have YOU pick what dish she should make next. Get ready set and VOTE to enter to win a copy of ‘Taste This!’

A brief excerpt from her article…and in order to understand HOW TO VOTE, be sure to click on the link at the bottom of this page to

So far, every Taste This! recipe I’ve tried has been a success, and I’ve got so many more to go that I’m at a loss as to which one to try next. So I’m going to ask for your help, dear reader. Want to taste some of these awesome recipes yourself? Taste This! author Gina Von Esmarch is giving away a copy of this yummy cookbook to one lucky Bonggamom Finds reader! But you’re gonna have to do me a favor first: to enter, you need to vote on which one of Gina’s recipes I should try next:

Pear Walnut Salad
Black Bean Soup
Potato Souffle
Linguine & Brie
Stuffed Bell Peppers
Divine Chicken Curry
Beef Stroganoff
Island Style Carrot Cake
Chocolate Pecan Turtle Cake
Peach Cobbler

To enter, leave a comment on this post with your email address, and tell me which of the recipes above I should try. Which one sounds the yummiest?

shhhhhhhhhhhhh- secret, she also tells you had to make extra entries to try to win the book!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all.

JerseyBites – Features Taste This!

Not only did Jersey Bites review “Finger Lickin’ Chicken” she liked the book so much she wanted to give her readers the opportunity to win a book for themselves.

Deborah Smith writes:
What I love about her book besides the beautiful pictures are the completely easy, no fuss recipes. Last night I made her “Finger Lickin’ Chicken.” All of 4 ingredients including the chicken. So easy and so yummy. Had the leftover for lunch today.

If you want to try to WIN a copy of ‘Taste This!’ go to Jersey Bites

    Deadline for entries is Tuesday, March 10th at 11:59PM/ET.

And if you Tweet It (@jerseybites) or Blog it- You Double Down with an extra point! Don’t hesitate on this one because time is running out.