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May is a month of many goings-on…even on Bowllicker! Aside from the onslaught of weddings, bridal and baby showers, communions…and well, the list is seemingly endless. Let’s not forget that we are also winking at Mother’s Day.

And with that segue there are a few give-aways to win one of the cook books that I wanted to share with you- in ADDITION to a really fun tech/foodie guest post that I did for my friend Leticia at Tech Savvy Mama. I’d love to hear your feedback on the full article – so please do post your return notes and comments.

Gift Idea/Shameless Promotions:

Mother’s Day Gift Guide -Tech Savvy Mama
Mom Central’s Gift Guide- Mom Central

The Dish on Delicious (and, pronounced simply ‘delicious,’ may very well be a new item on the menu. For the web-blogger-Twitter type foodies, this post may conjure up feelings of ‘leftovers’ but I’ll risk it and suffice to tell those non or newly-techie food lovers that is web bookmarking on steroids. Instead of ‘bookmarking’ a url with a Web browser (Google, Firefox, Safari) you can book mark or ‘tag’ it with

Why the drama to change things now?