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There are those moments that force you to take toll of where you are, who you are and how you arrived at this point in time. Whatever the insignificance of *that* moment they are usually unsuspected and poignant. While I am in a continual struggle for some sort of order and normality I find that the changes just keep coming more quickly than the one before and that my connections are more skewed. Those who’ve known me through the ages are starting to look a bit perplexed. They are often confused when they speak with me about what it is I do and what I like so much about this “social media” stuff. And while I am the last to self proclaim myself an expert I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by many and varied experts whom I am constantly learning from. Call it a lesson in the life of the evolving communications forum. As a communications student for many years it has truly become my passion. What is it about these random bits of information that hedge and occasionally cross over the line of those people I know that covet discretion and privacy? Well, my mother would be the perfect example of someone who cringes each and every time I Tweet. She is outwardly annoyed by my attachment to the phone where I prevail to send remote Tweets from when the laptop is no longer handy. Yet when her circle of friends are with us at the occasional brunch or gathering and they want to know more about this world where I’ve taken up residence, I catch her sneaking glances at me wondering if I am genius or gonzo? (I of course believe that as my mother, she finds me genius! And yes I am occasionally delusional.)

When I describe to friends what I love about my job, I find myself saying remarks like, “remember all of those funny one liners I have bottled up inside as I satirically observe a situation? Well they finally have a home and they are making new friends.”

While I am not sure if those that follow me on Twitter really know me, they certainly do know parts of me and as I know bits of their thoughts. These are the very same people that I can connect with, no obligations and who get my tech-geeky side. To me it is my chess – as I love information, people (usually more than animals but not always) and speaking with others who share my passions of food, technology and silly-isms. And it seems the sillier- the more people want to talk to me- after a recent 10 hr road trip I Tweeted, “Got lime?” in direct reference to the tequila I was about to meet and these cyber friends offered up there antidotes and made me laugh out loud.

I admit it is not fun to watch someone looking at their PDA laughing but I do hope that my laugh becomes infectious and that soon too these nah-sayers will join me in my plight into the interesting, funny and random-ness that I so treasure.

Working from home, despite the great office of people I work with remotely, can be limiting – or at least it was before Twitter! While I’ve never met most of my Twitter friends, I feel an unexplainable connection to them and I am by far better read than I’ve ever been in my working life and with far less expendable effort.

What do I Tweet about on Twitter? Social Media, food, any really anything that strikes me funny. You may have even noticed that my Twitter feed appears on the right side of this blog – so even if you don’t want to participate, you can read and attempt to follow my madness in this seemingly new almost mainstream (since Opera mentioned it and kinda ruined this ghetto if for goofballs like me) yet still random 140 character micro-blogging forum.

My top picks for whom I read most on Twitter… I’ll only tell you once so come close and listen up!
– Foodies: @ilinap, @JenniferPerillo, @jerseybites, @chefdruck, @KimMoldofsky
– Techies: @ross, @tomforemski, @dannysullivan, @Scobleizer, @kitson, @eugenelee
– Good Fodder: @JessicaGottlieb, @missrogue, @StacyLibby, @CityMama

What is worthy about Twitter? It is truly the SOCIAL in Social Media and it is filled with personality and yes the occasional promotions but it is REAL TALK and it is the most mentally stimulating forum I’ve ever participated in…I had not a clue when I signed up what a ‘door knob moment’ this would be for me. And for those of you perplexed by this colloquialism: a door knob moment is that moment before you head out the door when you say (or do something) that is truly important. This is MY moment. What is yours? 😉

5 Replies to “The Door Knob Moment”

  1. Gina, as always I love what you have to say (and not just because you included me with such awesome foodie company). Twitter is what you make of it, and I’ve gotten more than I could’ve imagined when I first started just a short six-months ago. Tweet, tweet.

  2. Door knob moment is an interesting idea… I guess it really signifies having made a decision about something…and moving into an entirely new space.

  3. Love this: “remember all of those funny one liners I have bottled up inside as I satirically observe a situation? Well they finally have a home and they are making new friends.” LOL, it’s so true! And you never know what people will respond to. It might be that funny blip you send or it might be something more random. Or poignant. (Yes, one can be poignant in 140 characters.)

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  4. Gina, I am very honored to be included in your list of favorite foodie Tweeters. You are definitely one of mine. I too never realized how many one liners I kept bottled up inside. I think you know how much I love Twitter, I’m a down right “Twevangelist” now, trying to convert everyone I meet.


  5. Gina,
    It looks like we’re definitely part of a mutual admiration society because I enjoy your social media chatter on Twitter and this blog almost as much as I enjoyed Taste This! I’ve also gotten my share of negative comments from my mother about my “imaginary friends” but I have managed to get my husband to understand my passion for this medium. One person at a time… we’ll get there!


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