Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits and Gravy 2 Ways

While some of my go-to savory comfort food dishes would be pastas, breaded meats, stuffed veggies or mom’s chicken soup – one of my guilty breakfast pleasures is biscuits and gravy. Sometimes I enjoy a heavy bacon gravy and other times I am more of a rich mushroom gravy gal. This should not imply that I am entirely one or the other but rather picky depending on the time of breakfast or brunch. So in my world of woeful indecision I give you both…and my most yummy buttermilk biscuit recipe.

Smashed Avocado & Egg Salad Open-Faced Sandwich

In this simple recipe post I teach you how to safely pit an avocado (while sharing my mishap) and how to correctly make hard cooked (or hard boiled) eggs to prepare my famous egg salad. Egg salad is a favorite dish and regular menu item at my house. I hope it will soon become one of your favorites. It goes well on sandwiches, stuffed into celery ribs and on salads.