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Cirque Dreams Holidaze and Orange & Sweet Potato Marshmallow Balls


There is really no way to describe the energy packed into the SHN Cirque Dreams Holidaze performance. Dazzling costumes sparkled on stage as holiday costumed character ornaments came to life and performed astonishing feats that whimsically celebrated the holiday season. “Penguins” waddled across the stage as the head penguin balanced himself atop a myriad of balls and tubes. Others, dressed as reindeer, showed their agility and sure-footedness as they jumped rope in unison. Aerial performers showcased their gracefulness as they soared high above the stage wrapped in silk ribbons. The stage was a landscape of holiday wonderment as jugglers and thin wire walkers performed acrobatic displays that left my jaw on the floor.

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Deep Dark Gingerbread Persimmon & Pear Cake – Give Me 18 Reasons


This year I had a bumper crop of persimmons – the variety in my yard is called ‘sweet pumpkin’ and they do look like adorable little pumpkins. That said, with SO MANY persimmons, I was eager to get baking in the kitchen. This variety takes quite a long time to ripen but I recently learned that if you take a few cut apple wedges and put them in a brown paper page along with your persimmons, this will expedite the process. In the event that too many ripen at the same time, once the fruit is ripe, the pulp can be removed and frozen for a later date. I find the pulp so sweet it tastes like jam. And jam goes beautifully with a big bowl of yogurt, fresh cut fruit and a splash of granola…but I digress.

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