Monthly Archive for November, 2008

It Really Happened

Today was a day of personal accomplishment – I received the first copy of the printed book at 10:30 am this morning and it looked really nice. Everything from the quality of the paper to the resolution of the photos is great. The layout looks crisp and clean and is easy to read. I feel a smile growing across my face…pins and needles are a thing of yesterday (and the past year!) Tonight it is time to smile. More hard work ahead but for this moment, I will enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. I think you are going to like it!

Mailers, Postage and Knuckle Crunchers- Oh My

Let’s start by saying that this is not the post I thought I would publish. This post is inspired by one of the all time American classics – The Wizard of Oz. Great film, good core messages and solid Hollywood effects. Swap out the words ‘Mailers, Postage and Knuckle Crunchers’ and replace with ‘Lions, Tigers and Bears‘ and most anyone over the age of 25 can tell you what movie that line was from. After coming home from working for a relative last night, I found my children watching this movie. Fast forward to today and well you will see the path I am headed down…reflecting on the movie I am reminded of my tasks at hand. Classic! (no pun intended)

So this is where I am at this week – working with my WOM network to set up book signings, reviews, blog outreach, find relevant gift guides – and yes, this is just my night job/hobby. It is fun but seeing how the book does will be even more fun for me. Lots of interest, lots of excitement and the date is quickly approaching until the worlds collide. Book is printed and will be shipping any day now – stay tuned for updates from the Port of Oakland! (joking!)

Danke & Schnitzel

Looks like we made final changes to the book copy, very minor tweaks…I am feeling really nervous as I want to hit that hypothetical print button. We need the books on time and I’ve got to be sure that happens or we will miss the chance to get people recipes for the holidays.

As many of you know I finally got the word out on the website and it has been so great to see what everyone has to say. So much support from friends and family that I do think I can begin to focus on the next part of the adventure. There is still a bit more work to add into the website and the book promotion but we’ve got a solid start and now we just need to make it happen. Time to start to plan fun things like book signings and other promotions. I know that the holidays will be busy but I look forward to seeing you soon.

Off to Germany on a business trip. Perhaps I could find a few good schnitzel recipes to share? ‘Danke’ for your support!

It Smells Like It’s Cooked

No, not talking about something I’ve cooked up in the oven but rather a reference to the finished book. It is still too soon to say, it has been one minor glitch after another to constantly plague my days – often it has felt like groundhog day – but I sense the end is near. Today I met with Lorna, the printer, who continues to be a wealth of information and a sense of great comfort on this unfamiliar turf. She is really a light at the end of the tunnel.

To start my day off, I received this note:
From: Lorna Johnson []
Sent: Friday, October 24, 2008 10:41 AM
To: Gina von Esmarch
Subject: got the proofs!

hi Gina – I got the proofs and they are beautiful!

see you at 3!


Phew, the first sign of relief in four weeks. This has been a full court press and to have that moment of hope back in my gaze was wonderful. I felt afraid, as I wondered what lay ahead of me at 3PM. Greeted by a big hug from Lorna, my newest email and phone buddy, put me at ease. You never really fully appreciate what is involved in a finished product unless you live it daily. The proofs did look great. I was finally excited and my fear was easing up.

That is not to say that after we met I didn’t sit in my car and make calls about one photo that was having a problem sending in higher resolution which continued to arrive corrupt. Or the other difficulties uploading my PDF to be copyright protected….trust me, every day is a list of things that I have yet to cross off of my list from the week before. Tonight I feel a bit lighter and almost optimistic. Maybe I should move onto the next phase of the adventure – sales and marketing. Time to start getting the word out! Dare I dream about a second book? Just can’t yet, feeling a bit exhausted from it all and need to see how this one goes, but I am jotting down which recipes I might consider including in the next one, IF I can get from A-Z on this one. As my husband has said to me many times over, “It’s good to have dreams.” I think this one is one I will cherish in years to come.