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Let’s start by saying that this is not the post I thought I would publish. This post is inspired by one of the all time American classics – The Wizard of Oz. Great film, good core messages and solid Hollywood effects. Swap out the words ‘Mailers, Postage and Knuckle Crunchers’ and replace with ‘Lions, Tigers and Bears‘ and most anyone over the age of 25 can tell you what movie that line was from. After coming home from working for a relative last night, I found my children watching this movie. Fast forward to today and well you will see the path I am headed down…reflecting on the movie I am reminded of my tasks at hand. Classic! (no pun intended)

So this is where I am at this week – working with my WOM network to set up book signings, reviews, blog outreach, find relevant gift guides – and yes, this is just my night job/hobby. It is fun but seeing how the book does will be even more fun for me. Lots of interest, lots of excitement and the date is quickly approaching until the worlds collide. Book is printed and will be shipping any day now – stay tuned for updates from the Port of Oakland! (joking!)