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Looks like we made final changes to the book copy, very minor tweaks…I am feeling really nervous as I want to hit that hypothetical print button. We need the books on time and I’ve got to be sure that happens or we will miss the chance to get people recipes for the holidays.

As many of you know I finally got the word out on the website and it has been so great to see what everyone has to say. So much support from friends and family that I do think I can begin to focus on the next part of the adventure. There is still a bit more work to add into the website and the book promotion but we’ve got a solid start and now we just need to make it happen. Time to start to plan fun things like book signings and other promotions. I know that the holidays will be busy but I look forward to seeing you soon.

Off to Germany on a business trip. Perhaps I could find a few good schnitzel recipes to share? ‘Danke’ for your support!