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You may have noticed my new found fascination with the food website, and so it seems the perfect time to introduce you to the LARGEST recipe search site. They bring together recipes from across the web, enabling you to search and compare any recipe, in one consolidated location.

If you’ve ever used kayak for travel, you’ll quickly see the ease of use at And it is as easy as entering a group of ingredients, or a recipe’s name, and Foodily searches every website’s recipes—from top food sites to obscure bloggers. It sifts through all those recipes based on criteria you choose, and instantly delivers you the perfect recipe match.

And for the picky, allergic or otherwise food challenged, this site is going to make your cooking life so much easier. If there is an ingredient you don’t care for or are allergic to, delete it! The site then adapts and finds new recipes that meet your search criteria. I have a feeling that dinner party planning is going to take on an entirely new twist. Now instead of scouring 5-12 food sites, and spending hours pouring over menus on the Internet, you can quickly and easily review options in one location. Voila, this is the shift into the industrial revolution of recipe search.

I am excited to have been invited in to preview the site as a Foodily ambassador; to explore, share recipes and discover new recipes. Here are a few recipes that I’ve got my eye >ahem< rather palate on: Easy Goat Cheese Appetizer
Almond-crusted Fish With Saffron Sauce
Butter Chicken
Monkey Meat
Almond Violet Dessert
Aussie Fruit Stew
Five Spice Ice Cream

I hope you will join me in discovering

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  1. I’ve never heard of this site – thanks for sharing with us all!!! I join you in the discovery of what looks to be many, many yummmy recipes!!

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