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Sorry for the long dry-spell on Bowllicker but things have been nothing shy of ‘Crazy Busy’ on the personal front. That said, the creative recipe juices have been flowing but now I have a dilemma to post or to save- why save…well perhaps a sequel is on the horizon. (tease, tease, tease). I am not sure the mountain of work involved – coupled with my day job – and then family life makes it a big ‘IF’ but then I say ‘Why not!’ That’s all part of living in my book of life (no Elvis Costello music playing in the background), find those dreams and make them happen. So ‘IF’ moves to ‘Perhaps’ and then next month we can hope for a ‘Maybe’, I just might push myself into another book.

Now, back to biz’ness. I wanted to share a recent piece I contributed to The Savvy Source (DC)- which was a lot of fun to write- Cooking-In Is The New Chic

And don’t forget, Mother’s Day is on the horizon…and there is a special promotion going on with Tech Savvy Mama where ‘Taste This!’ is featured in their gift guide.

I’ve got more to write and to share but for now….digest that post Foodies. (pun intended!)