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Review from Silicon Valley Mom’s Blogger Stacy Libby (AKA Laptop TV Mom). Ever since I can recall, and I guess I must confess, that is a long time back, Slibby (Stacy + Libby) and I have talked food and wine. I more food and her more wine. What a pairing we make. We’ve done the endless recipe swap, shared kid stories and life/work experiences and it was her prompting that encouraged me to talk to the world of Mommy Bloggers whom I am truly enjoying. You’ve seen them mentioned in the recent past on my site (or on Twitter) – This Week for Dinner, JerseyBites, Chefdruck Musings, Bonggamom, and Foodie Mama/Dirt & Noise and there are more to come..but today is about the Slibby review, which I have excerpted:

Let me just say this: when it comes to a dinner party, I am an appetizer girl because I believe the appetizer sets the tone for the evening. We always open our best bottle of wine first, so it’s important to serve good food from the moment a dinner party begins. Gina provides some great ideas, here are my favorites:

* Red Grapes & Red Onions – roasted grapes and onion, served on goat cheese, with crackers or bread. This dish is super-easy to prepare, with delicious flavors and perfect texture. Rave reviews at my last dinner party! (Recipe is on page 11of the book.)
* Cucumber Pillows β€” cucumbers, bread, spices (think funky finger sandwiches). Light, refreshing and beyond easy to make. (Recipe is on page 15 of the book.)
* Parmesan Crisps β€” bread, cheese, garlic, olive oil. This recipe makes little slices of cheesy-Heaven. (Recipe is on page 21 of the book.)

To read her ENTIRE review and give her your ‘dish’ on the book, go to

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  1. the red grapes and red onions with goat cheese is also one of my faves….in fact, I made it this weekend. it was the first time my husband had it and he has been loving it! even putting it on sandwiches. thanks again, gina! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the link, Gina! I just bought Reese’s peanut butter cups today to make those delicious looking peanut butter bomb cookies from Taste This! Can’t wait to report back on them.

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