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Italian Picnic Chicken from Chefdruck's Review
Italian Picnic Chicken courtesy of Chefdruck
This recipe was one that I remember my Grandmother (Nonnie) making for those casual Sunday night family dinners and we used to all want to scrape the pan for the yummy breadcrumbs at the bottom of the pan (AKA midiga – in her Sicilian dialect). Needless to say, with a family as large as ours was, she made more than one pan and there was plenty of ‘midiga’ to go around.

This past weekend Vanessa Chefdruck tried out the recipe and wrote a review that has some nice twists to her version of the dish. I excerpted a glimpse of her piece:

I had a tough time choosing which recipe to feature today, and I ended up choosing the Italian Picnic Chicken. I had never tried breading chicken breasts with corn flakes and I was eager to try it. The chicken was a huge hit, not only with Steve, but also with the kids. It was juicy and crunchy. I’m making another batch tomorrow night. I served it with some sauteed broccolini.

You really should check out the full article, not to mention her site (if you haven’t been there yet- please do visit)! Chefdruck Musings