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If you haven’t checked out Jane Maynard’s site – This Week For Dinner – you need to put it on your ‘regular’ list. I recently met Jane at the first book signing party for ‘Taste This’ hosted by a good friend of mine in Palo Alto. Jane and I hit it off and she had great things to say about the book and the food, all recipes from the book which were prepared by the hostess. Her site always has great photography (which she does herself) and great menu ideas. Be sure to visit and don’t miss the piece she posted about the party and the book!

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  1. thinking about making skillet sausage recipe and adding in prawns for a twist on the dish. will let you know the outcome.

  2. I am looking forward to hearing how the dish turns out with your new idea. Let me know if you like it.-gina

  3. Hi Gina, thanks for the review copy, I love the book! I posted a preliminary review here:

    And I plan on adding more reviews of individual recipes that I end up trying. So far I’ve tried the Red Onion & Red Grapes appetizers, Chicken Tinga, and Rock-E-Road (I used dark chocolate which my husband loves, I think he’s going to eat all of it himself). All are great, and will definitely post about those soon.

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