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Have You Seen – This Week For Dinner?

If you haven’t checked out Jane Maynard’s site – This Week For Dinner – you need to put it on your ‘regular’ list. I recently met Jane at the first book signing party for ‘Taste This’ hosted by a good friend of mine in Palo Alto. Jane and I hit it off and she had great things to say about the book and the food, all recipes from the book which were prepared by the hostess. Her site always has great photography (which she does herself) and great menu ideas. Be sure to visit and don’t miss the piece she posted about the party and the book!

The 44th President of the United States

No matter what your ideology, this is an inauguration for the history books.

Well said, well done and exciting to see so many people interested in politics again.


Of course it has to be mentioned, history is on the cusp of being made. Who knows what delicious foods will be served! The pre-inaugural celebration show was amazing and I felt moved by so much of what people had to say – ready for change, reflecting on the past, revisiting how far America’s come and how much work is yet to be done. The show was masterfully done production. Today is MLK day and tomorrow his dream comes true. Obama will become the 44th President of the United States (Lincoln was the 16th) and I can hardly write anything more compelling than the history in the making. So for now, let’s leave this as a cliff hanger and suffice to say that ‘Taste This!’ had a successful launch….