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I’ve changed

The thing about having been ill is that you do things differently, maybe not right away, but then you look back and realize that you’ve changed. I’ve changed.

You laugh harder, live larger, love more deeply, and take more chances. The focus is on living and doing so memorably. Things that I used to have on my to-do list I’ve cut in half. Initially this was because I only had the energy to do so much and if I had an available couple of hours to spend I was going to spend it with my family. From here on out it was going to be about the people I choose to spend my time with and focusing on those relationships. And once my energy returned I saw the merits in enjoying the things I need to do and taking my time doing them. I wanted to slow down the clock and be indulgent with my time…like a kid in summer when time stretches on. >Okay, let’s be realistic, it is still me. I don’t drive 15 mph in a 30 mph because I have the time, but I do like to take it slow just as fast as I can.<

That may leave you wondering if I’ve given up on blogging. The answer remains a resounding ‘NO’ but it may explain a bit about my blatant lack of blogging. Ergo, I have not had any free time between working and teenager schedules to do my recipe development. Frankly I don’t even manage to spoil my family with as much cooking as I would like to do, but we all know that must change. I hope to find my rhythmic groove and then slap it back into place.

This is my creative space, the place I miss when I am away, and as Arnold Schwarzenegger says in the Terminator – I’ll be back!

Despite changing in the how and the now, there are some things that remain my constants- for example Campari! Having just celebrated National Negroni week in June I think this cocktail recipe says it all if we want to celebrate the old and ring in the new. So I implore you to give the cucumber infused drinks a rest this summer and serve a tall glass of this Italian-American deliciousness.

Think of this drink as a hybrid sangria that showcases cherries and blueberries. The Campari and red from the pomegranate juice add both color and a tart flavor that will have those on the savory spectrum of scale swooning. Adding in a splash of sparkling water brings it all bubbling up to the edge of your glass. And when the cocktail is gone it’s time to go fishing for the scrumptious vodka soaked fruits. I dare you to try having only one!

Cherry Berry Campari Spritzer


1 pint (16.9 oz) San Pellegrino sparkling water, divided into two

4 parts Campari

2 parts vodka

8 parts POM Pomegranate Juice

Rainer or Bing cherries, washed with stems in tact

Blueberries, washed

Ice, optional

Mint springs, washed


Using two tall glasses mix the above ingredients into each glass. Garnish with fruit and mint.

Serves 2.