Monthly Archive for July, 2014

Cheesy Linguine with Smokey Garden Tomatoes

cheesy smokey tomato pasta.jpg

I started my recovery journey 11 weeks ago, which at times feels like a major detour from my previous life. There are days that make me believe that I am making incredible strides in my recovery. There are also of course days where I feel simply bewildered or annoyed that I spend so much time rehabbing such a small (albeit critical) part of my body. The best way I can explain how I feel on most days is that I have a GIANT headache in my hand. I now realize how blissfully ignorant I was to have had the luxury of both hands and arms working without pain. As a food blogger I am constantly using my hands to cook, type, take photos and ….well Continue reading ‘Cheesy Linguine with Smokey Garden Tomatoes’

Peachy Keen Granola

peachy keen granola.jpg

Single tasking. What a brilliant idea to have a name to go with my state of mind and being. I was attempting to multi-task nine weeks ago when I injured myself and now I am a new convert to the mindset of single tasking. It goes perfectly with my ‘keep things simple’ concept. What better way to slow down this crazy pace of life than to just focus on one thing and to do it as best as you possibly can. What I’ve learned during this unexpected journey is how much more I grasp Continue reading ‘Peachy Keen Granola’

Summer Pesto Pasta Salad

pesto pasta salad.jpg

Eight weeks ago I had my first hand surgery and six weeks post surgery I practically made this pesto pasta salad myself. It was a simple and yet significant task, as it was like getting back up on the horse that threw me. I’ve often times told family and friends over the past few weeks that while I know I was lucky not to have injured my dominant hand (AKA my right hand), I am in no way a one-handed individual. I have learned to adapt to my situation at an exhausting pace – and my milestones have included saying things like, “I can put my hair in a pony tail!”

No gift of accomplishment goes unnoticed. Continue reading ‘Summer Pesto Pasta Salad’