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When a new market comes to town with an especial kinda flair, you just can’t help but to make this local outing into an excursion – Mi Pueblo is Marin County’s newest Latin supermarket/ethnic culinary hot spot. It is a lovely hidden treasure of flavors and seasonings. You’ll see from the images below that you can find cinnamon sticks in large bundles and in quantities that far surpass the regular spice bottles typically on offer, countless chilies, guavas, papayas, fresh mole sauce, salsa fresca, carne asada, and more varieties of fresh cheese than I’ve ever seen in one shop even South of the boarder. Even if you are not anywhere near my neck of the woods I think you will appreciate what they have to offer. Since I first went to explore this trove of ingredients I’ve been back two more times; once to pull together a fun dinner party menu for Cinco de Mayo and the second time to try out a new recipe that I am developing at the encouragement of my friend Veronica. (Sidebar: this recipe just may be featured this week…stay tuned.) Sit back, relax and imagine you are with me as I explore this great new local business.

Fresh Shucked BBQ Oysters
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Well, I guess it was just too difficult for me to go commando on the wordless concept – I considered it, but just couldn’t do it! Gracias Mi Pueblo – I am inspired and I especially like the tequila bar- that’s something you just don’t find at Safeway. “Tequila!” And for those of you whom knew me in college I’ll ask that you respect the TCE {tequila code of ethics } and not provide any revealing comments. Por Favor(pôr’ fä-vôr’) Chicas!

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  1. I must check out this place so I have better memories of Marin County than a bike wreck and reconstructive plastic surgery. (Family vacation circa 1980.)

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