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Vegetarian Homegating 101



While there is no place more exciting than watching a game at a stadium along with 70,000 other screaming fans, most fans watch games at home with family and friends. Growing up with a single mom, who was not a die hard sports fan, there were never any occasions to go see professional sports teams and embark upon the All American Tradition of tailgating. We did do a lot of homegating (but we never thought to call it that) at the homes of family or friends. Flash forward from the 1980s to 2014 and while I have finally attended two professional football games and numerous baseball games (usually with my mom who is now an avid SF Giant’s fan), I still have yet to officially tailgate. So in the spirit and tradition of homegating, I thought it would be fun to flip this meal on its head and honor those vegetarians in my life with a party theme they would be excited to enjoy. While I am reminded by avid sports enthusiast that most vegetarians are not hard core sports fans, I refuse to be complacent. After all, can you imagine if at nearly every party you went to, the best vegetarian option available was spinach dip or a cheese plate? Yes, I do love both of those food dishes, but being at the top of the food chain I don’t have to devote an entire afternoon to this type of limited meal before I gobble down dessert. So in tribute to all those looking to go meatless, host meatless or just wanting to mix it up, I present Vegetarian Homegating 101.

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