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The Lost Boys’ Cake


If Peter Pan could grow a vegetable it would be corn. Candy Corn. I contemplated for weeks about what type of Peter Pan inspired food I could make as I anticipated the upcoming performance of ‘Peter and the Star Catcher’ and despite wanting to create a recipe that incorporated Peter Pan Squash, it just didn’t seem fitting. I can’t imagine Peter or the Lost Boys wanting to voluntarily eat veggies. It had to be something that captured the hearts and palates of big kids everywhere. Nothing screams I am a big kid more than the seasonal candy corn. It almost sounds like a legitimate vegetable and not at all like the amazingly sweet convection we know it to be. I am certain that if Peter Pan were to cultivate and eat a vegetable he would probably have stalks of candy corn.

I tested out my theory and made this cake, and the photos alone spawned lots of interest from my contemporaries. And here, all these years, I thought I was the ONLY closet candy corn eater. Evidently that is not the case and I have a whole new world of food to share with friends.

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