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It Continues

Okay- book is still not done yet and I am in pain. I am not alone. I can only equate this to child birth- at this point, it just needs to happen. No fear – no regrets – it’s time. The cast of those in pain is nearly everyone around me or anyone around those I am working with.

I’ve eaten some of the worst food imaginable since college…how is this possible. I am all about eating well, eating good foods with great flavors. Well I guess if there is zero option and it is 4AM you should just comfort yourself and eat.

Our printer has been nothing short of amazing. Talking about feeling like we were not in this alone.  Lorna Johnson has helped us at every turn and explained so many of the elements to us we could not have otherwise known. Where does she work? Global Interprint. Yes, I highly recommend her.

Maybe tomorrow- yes, it could happen – but maybe tomorrow. (I repeat this to myself at 4PM each day and so far, it is not true.) Feeling optimistic.. . or is that just being naive?!

The Beginning

Well, a few more days have passed and we’ve been working on the book in all of our available time. My friend, Elizabeth ‘Roe’ Rachal, is helping me with the graphic design and she is a working mother of two children too…so we work mostly at night and we live an hour away. I guess we both have our dreams – seeing this book printed is one of mine and hers is to graduate in 6 months with her graphics design degree and this book in her portfolio. She’s done an incredible job on this project and despite all of the late hours of tedious work, we’ve laughed more than we have been able to laugh together in years. Our husbands have supported us – taking care of the kids after coming home from their jobs, cooking, reading over the text – this has been an all hands on deck project. I think we are ready to put this book to bed and I hope that day is tomorrow because then I could focus on a few of the other details of which there are many.