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Somewhere over the rainbow,

There is a place called home,

Where Ruby Red slippers can make dreams happen…or at least turn the world into Grenadine Dreams.

If you haven’t guessed, the inspiration for this post is my take on one of my all time favorite stories- The Wizard of Oz. I can remember watching the movie with my Grandmother Antoinette. It is a story that conjures up nostalgia and in the words of Mick LaSalle, Movie Critic for the San Francisco Chronicle…

It’s impossible to watch “The Wizard of Oz” today without feeling, within minutes, some kind of mystical connection to people you will never know. When Judy Garland sings “Over the Rainbow,” there’s the sense of participating, just by watching, in some beautiful shared human experience.

The song is iconic and timeless – I melt every time I hear it. And if it is not Judy Garland singing it then Isreal ‘Iz’ Ka’ano’I’s version is equally amazing.

My excitement upon hearing that the play was coming to San Francisco prompted me to create something special. With pomegranates in season I thought the perfect foodie tribute would be to put my spin on grenadine. A perfect elixir to transport my little ones back to the land of Oz with just a hint of sass to remind us of that wicked witch.

Wizard of Oz, Mirvish Productions Toronto

Spicy Ruby Red Grenadine


2 pounds pomegranates

1 pint water

1/4 tsp orange or lemon juice, fresh squeezed

2 slices ginger

Sugar, see instructions

Note: If pomegranates are not in season, 1 cup pomegranate juice can be substituted.


Separate the pomegranate seeds from the membranes and skin. (The easiest way to do this is to quarter the fruit and then place the quarters in a large bowl of water. Using fingers, gently remove the seeds. The undesirable white fiber will conveniently float to the top and can be easily removed and disguarded. Rinse seeds in a colander.) In a heavy saucepan, on medium heat, cover pomegranate seeds and ginger slices with 1 pint of water and simmer, stirring until juice sacs release their juice; approximately 15 minutes. For best results, place a colander lined with cheesecloth into a bowl and pour in the liquid and seeds. Press the juice from the seeds either with hands or the back of a spoon. (Note: If cheesecloth is not readily available a colander can be used however the grenadine may not be as clear.) Discard seeds.

Measure the strained pomegranate juice and then add half that amount of sugar. Pour into a nonreactive saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Cool to room temperature. Pour into a decorative stoppered bottle.

To make a Shirley Temple, or my TWISTED Shirley Temple version of this drink…

TWISTED Shirley Temple


1-2 oz spicy ruby red grenadine syrup (depends on your sweet tooth preferences)

3 oz lemon lime flavored carbonated soda, chilled

1 oz sparkling or soda water, chilled

1 maraschino cheery (optional)

ice (optional)


In a 8 oz glass combine all ingredients and mix well.

If you want in on the fun and you don’t have the time to concoct your own good witches brew of Ruby Red Grenadine then I highly encourage you to make your way down the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco from October 16-27, 2013. Or just click those slippers and tap this link and you’ll practically be there.