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At a time of such happiness over the completion of the book there is a bit ying to my yang. Life has a pecular way of shifting things just when you feel like you could/should be indulgent. I pondered writing this post for and then decided to move forward with it despite that it is more about who I am than what I am cooking up in the kitchen but isn’t that one of the ‘prime directives’ of the bloggesphere? To let you know who I am so that you can do as Ross Mayfield/Socialtext says utilize the ‘ole Facebook approach of ‘are you my friend yes or no?’ or in this instance, decide if you want to follow my true thoughts yes or no? Not sure that much in life is quite that black/white in my reality but I hope that you find a common thread that either connects you with what I am writing or with how I confront life’s challenges. I heal mostly through writing, poetry and music – sounds so ‘Dante’ but it that is what heals me when I feel my most vulnerable. As I write this post one of my closest friends is not well and my heart aches and while sometimes it is not possible to fix those things that become broken it is always important to have hope. Someone shared me with this weekend that in working with troubled people in her profession she finds that she would rather work with youths that are struggling vs adults but not because they are more or less receptive to her advice and recommendations but because they have HOPE. I think we all need hope and it can be on many different levels….
– hope for cures to what ailes us or those we love
– hope for a better tomorrow
– hope to be with those we care most about
– hope that our dreams can come true

And to turn this post back to the site, my project is about hope too…I hope that you will like the book and see in it all that wanted it to be. I would be remiss if I did not say that I also hope for all those wishes above and then some but as we go into the holiday season, let’s hope that despite the nation’s woes, we can hope for time with those we cherrish most and share special memeories around the table enjoying conversation and good times.

As for the title of this post, well, when you can’t sleep in the early morning hours it can be revealing to take a nice brisk walk and see things through fresh eyes. I did this the last few mornings and with California winter upon us, I could see my breath. Odd how little things like seeing your breath let’s you know you are really alive.