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I’ve been compromised.Life of a pseudo-porn gal..

So it is official- I’ve been hacked by someone going by the alias Fatzv3. Not sure who this being is but he/she is anything but worthy of accolades in my book (or rather my blog). So I’ve written to @Twitter and asked them to please let me come back as myself and not his cheesy porn gal with the name Fat+a few extra letters/numbers. Feel free to help me in my quest to restore my identity by tweeting “@Twitter please bring back @ginavon”.

I truly wish I could claim that I have the body for this new calling but alas, an Italian girl who loves to cook it up (and yes, work-out to pay it forward) is not really the one you should be hunting down for this unapplied for job. I am flattered and annoyed. I hope that this was fun for you, now can we move on? I do not feel like breaking up with my friends and followers- please go find some of your own Twitter/Facebook fans and try to use a bit more creativity in creating your own identity.

Here is the culprit.

I've been hacked-memoirs of a pseudo-porn gal. (Formerly @ginavon)

I've been hacked-memoirs of a pseudo-porn gal. (Formerly @ginavon)

p.s. don’t worry foodies- you are still on a food/tech geek gal site, I am just on a minor rant. New vlogs coming your way. Maybe I’ll branch out in the spirit of this rouse and do a bit to tease you with some sexy pictures of frittata (AKA foodie porn). 😉